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  • BIDS Trading Statistics

    These numbers represent statistics on BIDS traded volume.

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  • Block Trade Volume Distribution

    These numbers present the distribution of BIDS trade volume based on access or order type.

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  • Broker Dealer Conditional Benchmark

    Brokers that send conditionals can see how they compare to their peers within BIDS.

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  • Broker Invite Settings

    We believe there are more block liquidity opportunities if the Broker has their BIDS Invite setting ON.  The invite setting allows a broker’s order to send an invite to a manual user’s order.  Please see the full report below for supporting data.

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  • Concentration of Conditional Order Size

    This report represents our total order volume, average order sizes and distribution of conditional orders.

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  • IOI Advertising Eligible Names

    This report represents traded volume that BIDS advertises via services such as Bloomberg IOIA (excludes volume when subscribers or sponsored users opt out of advertising)

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  • *All data is as of the end of the previous calendar quarter.