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Buy-side Onboarding

How to Sign Up for Cboe BIDS Australia

Step 1: Nominate Sponsoring Participant/Introducing Broker
As a buy-side firm, you will need to nominate, establish, and maintain a relationship with at least one broker to act as Sponsoring Participant or Introducing Broker for your trades in Cboe BIDS Australia.

See the Cboe BIDS Australia Broker List for participating brokers.
Note: U.S. based buy-side firms must contact BIDS directly to discuss requirements for trading Australian equities: sales@bidstrading.com

Step 2: Cboe BIDS Australia Documentation
To access Cboe BIDS Australia as a buy-side user or firm, there is no requirement to sign a legal agreement with Cboe. We will send you a one-way Welcome Letter which describes how sponsored access in Cboe BIDS Australia works and the basis on which you may use the service.

Step 3: Connectivity
Speak to Cboe BIDS Australia or your OMS/EMS provider(s) to confirm the connectivity options. We will require a technical contact from your firm to assist with OMS/EMS integration with BIDS Trader, a software we provide.

Additional Resources:

After we have received all necessary information from the buy-side firm and their nominated Sponsoring Participant(s) and, if applicable, Introducing Broker(s) have established risk limits, the buy-side firm can start submitting indications of liquidity into BIDS via BIDS Trader.

Please contact Cboe BIDS Australia team with any enquiries during the application process:

Cboe BIDS Australia General Inquiries
+61 2 8078 1750

Cboe BIDS Australia Support
+61 2 8078 1744